Inspiring Healthy Communities in Australia

Consulting Services

Our consultancy and certification services guide health, community and support services organisations throughout their journey to improving the safety and quality of their services. We advocate the value of the quality standards industry by sharing our expertise and knowledge through advice and training, together with upholding the integrity of quality standards through independent assessment and certification.

Our highly experienced quality standards advisors evaluate organisational and quality system performance, and provide tailored advice and quality standard programs to:

    • Advise organisations on quality standards
    • Deliver quality standard programs, products and events.


We work collaboratively to support you by providing tailored training and consultancy relating to continuous quality improvement.

Our trusted reputation is built on 30 years of working with government and non-government organisations in the metropolitan, rural and remote areas of Australia. We work with organisations of all sizes with respect for their cultures and backgrounds. Our role is to support every client on a journey towards excellence.

The suite of services offered by IHCA supports the preparation, maintenance and continuous improvement of quality systems, management and leadership capability and practices.

Our experience is health, community and support services. This has taught us what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to consultant style and managing customer experience and expectations.

We want our clients to value our services, and we are always looking to improve what we do.

We believe that trust is at the centre of all business relationships. Most of all, we want to deliver measurable benefits to our clients.

Each of our Board members, staff, consultants and trainers bring experience gained from years of working within and consulting to the sector.

Our skills base is strong, diverse and proven, and every one of us is passionate about raising quality standards and providing better, safer services.

As quality standards consultants, we’re advocates for the integrity and excellence of quality standards, constantly innovating for improvement.

Inspiring Healthy Communities Australia

We provide professional management consulting and advisory services to organisations in the health, community and support services sector across Australia.

The Quality Standards Advisors of IHCA Consulting offer a wide range of advisory and program solutions through our own team of consultants, staff and trainers, together with dedicated alliances and consortia that we form to suit our clients’ needs. With a deep understanding of the quality standards, policies and procedures within these fields, we provide tailored advice and deliver tailored contextualised solutions, products and events.

Standards-ready health check

New auditor development programs

Strategic and operational planning advice and coaching

Development of governance systems

Guidance and assistance to implement systems and processes to support achievement of accreditation

Gap analyses against a wide range of standards to support informed executive decision making

Training Boards and Executive Teams in their governance obligations to meet standards requirements

Review and updating of quality standards

Internal audit training


We are here to help. Talk to us today about how we can support your organisation in achieving excellence in quality standards and service delivery.