At IHCA, we’re about Inspiring Healthy Communities in Australia.

As a leading Quality Standards Institute and an independent Australian not-for-profit organisation, we are solely focused on supporting continuous quality improvement in health, community and support services organisations. Let us help you define the path to excellence for your organisation.

Inspiring Healthy Communities in Australia
Inspiring Healthy Communities Australia

As one of Australia’s leading institutes for quality standards, we are at the forefront of industry expertise, performance and innovation. With specialist knowledge in health, community and support services, we truly understand your business. This enables us to guide you on every step of your journey, be that for growth or sustainability, with the preparation, maintenance and continuous improvement of your quality systems and practices.

Our suite of services includes tailored professional advisory services, training specific to standards, or certification or accreditation against a wide range of robust industry relevant quality standards.

We work with government, enterprise and not-for-profit community service organisations to improve their impact on consumers in the health, community and support service sectors. We push beyond the current benchmarks to build the future of the quality standards community as a recognised leader in excellence.


We’re the leading authority at raising quality standards and making a positive lasting impact on our customers and the people they support.


IHCA Consulting | Quality Standards Advisors


We provide professional management consulting and advisory services to organisations in the health, community and support services sector across Australia.

Our consulting services include:

  • Standards-ready health check
  • Development of governance systems
  • Internal audit training
  • Review and updating of quality standards
  • Gap analyses against a wide range of standards to support informed executive decisions
IHCA Consulting | Quality Standards Advisors


JASANZ accredited, we work with organisations of all sizes throughout Australia, including government and non-government organisations located in rural, remote and metropolitan settings.

JASANZ Endorsed Programs

  • Human Services Quality Standards
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Practice Standards
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Alcohol and other Drug and Human Services Standard
  • Standards for Therapeutic Communities and Residential Rehabilitation Services
  • National Standards for Disability Services (DES/SES and NDAP}
    IHCA Consulting | Quality Standards Advisors


    We assess, accredit and certify health, community and support services organisations to rigorous national and international quality standards.

    Specialised Programs

    • National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health Standards
    • National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards 2nd edition
    • National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards
    • National Standards for Mental Health Services
    • Quality Assurance Framework
    what makes us different

    supporting excellence

    We work with integrity, passion and professionalism to improve quality and deliver a lasting and valuable impact for those we work with.

    For over 30 years, we have been supporting organisations in the health, community and support sectors to continually improve their quality standards so they can provide better service for their customers. Our unique level of skills and knowledge in these specialised areas allow us to provide expert advice and have a lasting and valuable impact.




    We are here to help. Talk to us today about how we can support your organisation in achieving excellence in quality standards and service delivery.